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Keri Hilson has become a Nigerian, by proclamation. She was in Nigeria, last week, to promote a show by Airtel and Trace and while she was on Toolz’s show, she got named Oluwakemi, by one of the listeners of The Beat 99.9 FM.

Audio clip: Keri Hilson’s Interview with Toolz

She has been to Nigeria, and other African countries, a number of times such that Jollof Rice has become one of her favourite delicacies, so it was only right to give her a befitting Nigerian name, which she gladly accepted.

However, while the U.K started to grow warm towards Nigerian music, years ago, the U.S proved difficult but in the last year, Nigerian music has gained considerable traction in that market. And as keri confirmed, African music is the new wave, it’s the African sound that’s being adopted and she cited Alicia Keys‘ new record, In Common, which samples that dominant African/Afro pop sound.

It’s why Wizkid is currently atop the Billboard Hot 100 and touring European cities with Chris Brown. It’s why Rihanna and her crew, were dancing to P Square’s Personally and it’s why more Nigerian/African artistes will become more recognized in not only North America and England, but other European and Asian markets, in the future.

However, Keri said she’s been in talks with May D and Wizkid, for a possible collaboration and wouldn’t mind a get together with the separated P Square brothers, for a collaboration. She also named Fally Ipupa, Flavour and D’banj as some of her other favourite African acts.

So in light of that, check out ‘hot bops’ by Keri’s favourite African acts below.

1). May D

  • Ale Yii a Bad


2). Wizkid

  • On Top Your Matter


3). Fally Ipupa

  • Sexy Dance


4). Flavour

  • Nwa Baby


5). D’banj

  • Fall in Love