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Mr Eazi’s interview with Toolz was really insightful.

Check it out below


Mr Eazi interview, part 1


He was born in Nigeria, spent 7 years in Ghana obtaining his B.sC and doing business right after that, then went to the U.K for his Masters but went back to Ghana to do business (importing La Casera into Ghana and legal gold trading; that took him to the hinterlands in Ghana.)

He has a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering Business Management Masters from Coventry University.

His school fees in Coventry was up to 13,000 Pounds excluding pocket money and other expenses.

When he moved back to Nigeria in late 2014, he started a business and his dad gave him a deadline to get his act together or go start a proper 9-5 hustle and that was when the music, unexpectedly, happened.

Just keep keeping on, he says. If you believe it enough, it should come to pass.

He is from Aiyetoro, Ogun state.

He got featured in Vogue.com and talks about how he sold tickets in America, 300 $100 tickets selling out and more…

Someone sent him a book called Empire State of Mind: The Story of Jay Z  and he learnt how Jay Z does his touring and merchandise and his branding so he could appeal to the corporates and that has been the bible for him and his team and they haven’t had to borrow any money and have been sustained.

He also talks about how the learnt the art of selling merchandise at concerts from Chance The Rapper who makes most of his money from selling merch because he gives out his music for free. So they experimented at a London concert by selling 1000 shirts they printed for 3 pounds for 15 pounds… And the shirts were supposed to be free.

His deal with Wizkid’s Starboy Records is more like a business affiliation than it is a record label. Wizkid is not trying to take his money or change his sound, it’s more about selling records on a united front. He still calls the shots over his music and Wizkid serves as an advisor.

A number of labels wanted to buy his song, ‘Skintight’ so it would be released by another artiste. This was after the record had already made the rounds in Africa. It hadn’t done the rounds in the U.S and Europe. A label under Universal Records, DEF JAM Records and Interscope Records wanted to but it off him but Wizkid told him and them that if they are not going to give him life changing money, he shouldn’t sell it. Eazi gave a figure of around 10 Million Dollars but the record labels couldn’t pay.

Universal Music gave Mr Eazi’s people an advance for his record, Dance For Me so they own 65% of the record for 8 years.

He used to be a promoter. He and his manager were the first to book Sean Tizzle, Burna Boy and Davido to Kumasi, Ghana.

He got offers from Roc Nation and 3 other international labels, last year, but he turned them down but now, they want to buy shares in his label.

He’s not dating but he’s talking to 2 girls at the moment.

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Mr Eazi interview, part 2


Nigerian Jollof over Ghanaian Jollof

He isn’t dropping an album anytime soon. He’s working with Ellie Goulding, Diplo, Rudimental and a lot more.

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