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Artiste: Ms Jaie

EP: Lagos Re-Up

Ms Jaie’s Lagos ReUP EP is urbane and reflective of the reigning sound. It’s a show of her style of music, which is unapologetically new-school. It’s not watered down in any way, as the lyrics are as purposeful as they heavy with intent. The accompanying sound on every song is also layered enough to receive independent commendation.

It’s alternative and soulful.

Getting It (track 1) has elements of trap and is similar to the kind of music Future would put out. On Good Life (track 2), her singing chops come to play on an infectious mid-tempo beat. Versatile enough for a play at the club or during that special time with the significant other.

Hey Ho (track 3) is cocky, feisty and sensual- a consortium of personas Ms Jaie seems to exude so well in her music- as she claims a broke nigga is not an option.

Sensuality is the name of the game on Crazy (track 4) as Ms. Jaie semi-raps about her boo-thang’s love. Her mellow flow is as encompassing as it is gripping.

Rodeo (track 5) is a cross between some good old RnB and Grime, which originated in the U.K. It’s all the more appreciable ‘cos she executed both genres to a tee.

Her RnB/soul tentacles are well spread out on Loud (track 6).  It’s her strong points and being the cultured artiste she is, it’s a home run.

Being the part Nigerian she is, it’s not out of place to sing about one of the famous streets in Lagos, Ozumba Mbadiwe (track 7). It’s the closest she comes to pop and is reflective of her ability to criss-cross between genres and not sound of place, at any turn.

This is to more from Ms. Jaie. May not be as courted as her talent demands but quality will always remain quality, irrespective of the reception and Me. Jaie is that and more.

Ade Tayo.