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EP: War

Artistes: Nonso AMADI and Odunsi

We went in search of more material from Nonso Amadi after we heard his feature on Early by Juls which also featured Maleek Berry and it was in the process, we found this EP. He is an amazing talent and if his artistry is well nurtured, it would propel him to great spots.

The War EP is a joint project by Mr. Amadi and another emerging and very talented act, Odunsi. Their sound is a sharp detour from the prevalent style in Nigeria’s music industry as they choose to be sonically sophisticated as opposed to trying to score quick fame (and buck) with ‘jollof’ or ‘pangolo’ music. The continuous positive reaction to their general sound and this EP could also pass as a subliminal to the very many acts- emerging and established- who have refused to grow and want to continue to fool the audience with porous lyrics and wishy-washy deliveries on a hot beat. Someday, the consumers would see through that gimmick and it might be too late as the likes of Nonso and Odunsi would be the toast of said moment.

The four songs on the EP share similar qualities- smooth delivery, meaningful and sensual lyrics, proper sound arrangements/insertions and an appeal to the human soul.

It would take a certain and cultured taste in music to appreciate the 4 songs on this EP and at the of play it’s rather clear that their best music takes, so far, exist outside of this EP such as Odunsi’s Loverman, Farabale and Nonso’s Radio and Razor Sharp or even, Alaroye.

As a matter of fact and a testament to their impending take-over, Maleek BERRY once said; “…there’s a new sound, don’t get left behind o, pangolo era has gone and the new wave is here; Odunsi, Nonso Amadi, Tay, Sute…

Ade Tayo