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EP: Songs About You (2017)

Artiste: (Bankole Wellington a.k.a Banky W)

It could be considered near criminal to argue that Banky W is not one of Africa’s top singers and not that anyone needed a reminder but his EP, Songs About You, is a solid reminder (show-off). It encompasses the great art of singing- no gimmicks to mimic the art or give an impression of, just a great expression of the actual art.

It’s also the unabashed expression of love for his bride-to-be, Adesua Etomi as the entire body of work is about her and the way he weaves every one of the 9 songs is very expressive of the beating pulse of his love, for her.

A listen through will, simply, make you want to fall in love or love your significant other, harder. It’s that potent.

Whatchu Doing Tonight (track 1) is all about love being expressed with the aid of sweet harmonies. It’s an expression of love accentuated by puns such; …can you please come ride with me, get fly with me, and then tonight you could get high with me, I could be your ride if you want to spend time with me, could be your ride if you want to spend the night with me… Almost tear-jerking.

Running After You (track 2) is dripping R&B sauce garnished with dance-hall and features another amazing singer, Nonso Amadi. It tells of how he slid into Adesua’s DM’s and how she has peppered his life with enough love to last a life-time.

Kololo’s (track 3) pop doesn’t take away from the intensity of the love theme of the EP.

Singers of great measure, Banky and Chidinma, team up on All I Want is You (track 4) to give this love of epic proportions a cultural/traditional lift. A very enjoyable one.

Love You Baby (track 5) is all about heart-warming vocals but even more so is Heaven (track 6), which is as sweet as properly made love songs go. There’s no way on God’s green earth, Heaven won’t soften the hardest of hearts. It’s a declaration of love as it is a proposition as Banky asks; would you carry my last name?

The expression of love does not feel monotonous as Banky continues with the out-pouring of his heart on Better for you (track 7) and this is particularly interesting because he owns his bad-boy status but is choosing to leave that in his wake and be better for his bride, Adesua.

Banky spices up his love letter to Adesua with the Reggae dipped Made For You (track 8)

All For You (track 9), is classic Banky- the mid-tempo love song that’s multipurpose enough to get played in the clubs and in a romantic setting. High Notes (bonus track) is what happens when Banky chooses to suspend his regular style for some edginess similar to what Beyonce did, that produced BEYONCE: The Visual Album, after the predictability of her 4th album, 4. His lyrics are not just in Yoruba but also coy, serving up a light rap and using musical special effects as interjections.

Songs About You, is a winner and judging by the composition, alone, Adesua is one lucky lady. She scored herself a charmer.


Ade Tayo