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Artiste: TiwaSavage

EP: SugarCane

During a recent chat with Toolz of The Beat 99.9FM, Tiwa differentiated between the structure of the Nigerian music industry and that of the overseas; on these shores, one can record a song and it’s out the next minute but the international music partners can take up to a year or two before releasing a material. So, in order to pacify her core African fans, Sugarcane the EP was born.

And, at the end of play, it’s short and super-sweet.

Sugarcane (track 1) is just as sweet as sugarcane (the fruit). It’s an instant bop. Tiwa is back to base and in her element. It satisfies all the requirements for heavy rotation on radio and can be used to rock any kind of party; club-party, traditional ones (owambe), name it… It’s a celebratory song.

The top notch quality that characterizes Sugarcane is clocked higher on Get it Now (track 2) and you don’t even have to wait for it; from the whistle-like intro, it hooks. It’s slowly paced and forces a sing-along effect. A total lovers anthem, just turn it on when you’re with the bae and watch magic happen.

There’s more focus on Tiwa’s singing chops (runs and all…) on Me & You (track 3) and is with a slight hint of the Caribbean and electro-house vibe.

All Over (track 5) is really bringing it home. It’s the Afro pop the people have come to love, over the years. A sure addition to wedding playlists.

Considering how great their exports have been, it would have been near forgivable if Tiwa and Wizkid had messed up Ma Lo (track 6). Thankfully, it rocks. Asides her singing, Tiwa serves some delightful quasi-rap and Wizkid perfectly syncs with her. There are sweet spots, one of which is the ‘Robo ske ske robo ske ske’ line.

At the end of play, Tiwa has hit home-run.

Sugarcane is sweet music. Her fans need not worry as the international exposure/penetration has not stolen/tainted her sound; the sound we have come to associate with her and love over the years.


Ade Tayo